Device for the treatment of prostatitis at home: an overview of popular devices

A competent combination of drug therapy and physiotherapy helps to effectively get rid of prostatitis. Physiotherapy can be done at home, you just need to choose a device for the treatment of prostatitis. Here, knowledge of the features of the operation of various devices and their effect on the prostate will come to the rescue.

Types of devices and their characteristics

urological prostatitis treatment machine

Physiotherapy is used as an adjunct treatment for chronic prostatitis. It has been proven that the combination of drugs with physiotherapy accelerates the process of restoring the functioning of the organ and helps to get rid of the disease quickly and effectively. Physiotherapy can be done not only in the hospital but also at home. There are many devices for the treatment of prostatitis, different in their principle of action. In order not to make a mistake when choosing a device for the treatment of prostatitis, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

All devices for prostatitis, according to the principle of action, are divided into four groups. The therapeutic effect is obtained thanks to:

  • electrostimulation;
  • exposure to temperature;
  • light radiation (laser exposure);
  • influence of vibrations.

Prostatitis machines can be purchased at any major drugstore or medical supply store. It is recommended to favor devices that have passed medical control and approved by the Ministry of Health.

By type of use, such devices are transrectal and non-invasive. In the first case, it is a direct type action. Such devices are equipped with special nozzles that are inserted into the rectum, influencing in the immediate vicinity of the diseased organ. Non-invasive devices are equipped with electrodes or accessories placed on the lower back, lower abdomen, buttocks or perineum. Such devices affect the tissues and organs of the pelvis without direct contact with the prostate.

You have to choose an appliance for domestic use according to several criteria:

  • versatility of application;
  • ease of use;
  • Security.

Another important criterion is ease of use. When purchasing a home physiotherapy device, a man wants to achieve the effect of a hospital procedure with a minimum of unnecessary effort. The optimal appliance does not require additional configuration and the participation of another person.

Perhaps the most important nuance you need to pay attention to is the safety of using the device. A physiotherapy device must have a minimum of contraindications and side effects. In addition, it is important that the device is reliable, does not fail at the most inconvenient time and meets all electrical safety requirements. In this regard, it is recommended to give preference to high-quality devices that have passed a security check in several stages before being delivered to the store.

Electrostimulation devices

prostate electrostimulation devices

Exposure to a weak electric current improves blood circulation and helps with stagnant processes

Electrical stimulation devices are widely used in physiotherapy rooms. This group includes devices that generate alternating or direct current of low power, which has a stimulating effect on the tissues.

Among hospital devices, this type includes devices for electrophoresis, galvanotherapy, amplipulse, etc.

Properties of this device group:

  • improvement of blood circulation in the affected area;
  • lymphatic drainage effect;
  • increase the tone of the diseased organ.

Electrical stimulation devices quickly reduce pain and relieve spasms of the bladder and urethra, thereby normalizing urination. Devices of this type are widely used in chronic prostatitis and in elderly men, as they increase the tone of the organ. In addition, electrical stimulation has a positive effect on potency.

Magnetic field generators

Magnetotherapy has been widely used to treat various diseases for over half a century. Today, a magnetotherapy device can be purchased for home use without any problem. The main advantage of such magnetic field generators is their great safety in use. Magnetotherapy has a minimum of contraindications, but at the same time it has a pronounced therapeutic effect. The effectiveness of such an effect in prostatitis is due to the gentle warming of the tissues of the prostate.

While not everyone believes in the healing power of a constant or alternating magnetic field, the benefits of temperature exposure in chronic prostatitis are beyond doubt. The use of magnetotherapy helps to stimulate metabolic processes, improve the composition of the secretion of the prostate and normalize its discharge during ejaculation. In addition, gentle heating improves blood circulation in the affected area. Devices of this type are invasive and non-invasive, and are widely used as home physiotherapy, so it is not difficult to purchase a device for home treatment.

Vibration stimulators for prostatitis

vibration stimulators for prostatitis

Recommended for all men leading a sedentary lifestyle to prevent prostatitis

With congestive prostatitis, there is swelling of the prostate and a thickening of the secretion in the lobules of the gland. As a result, the inflammatory process begins, local blood flow worsens. A natural consequence of such a violation in the work of the prostate is impotence. To get rid of inflammation, it is necessary to normalize metabolic processes and tissue trophism, and here vibration stimulators come to the rescue.

Vibration stimulators can be used for both treatment and prevention. The prostate massager, which works on the principle of a vibration stimulator, is indicated for all men over 40 years of age to prevent the development of congestive prostatitis. Paying attention to such a simple device is also recommended for men with irregular sex life, sedentary work and the presence of excess weight.

Ultrasound therapy

The effect of ultrasound on prostate tissue is in many ways similar to the effect of vibration stimulation, but this effect is milder. Such devices create sound vibrations and have a slight temperature effect. The main advantage of home ultrasound physiotherapy is the compact size of the device itself. Additionally, ultrasound therapy is quite safe and has fewer contraindications than electrical stimulation or vibration exposure.

Laser devices

Laser therapy devices are much less common than other home physiotherapy devices. It is a small rectangular device with a nozzle to insert into the rectum.

Laser treatment is indicated for severe pain syndrome. This effect accelerates the restoration of prostate tissue, is indicated for congestive and chronic prostatitis, and can also be used for erectile dysfunction.

Contraindications and precautions

contraindications to the use of devices

You should consult your doctor before purchasing any home prostatitis device. Such devices can only be used for chronic inflammation of the prostate. Physiotherapy for acute inflammation is contraindicated. This is because all of these devices improve metabolic processes and stimulate local blood flow. In the presence of a focus of infection, such stimulation can be dangerous, since pathogens are carried with blood throughout the body, infecting nearby organs and systems. In severe cases, such as a prostate abscess, physiotherapy can lead to the development of sepsis if pyogenic bacteria enter the bloodstream in large quantities.

The main contraindications to physiotherapy:

  • acute infectious process;
  • tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • Diabetes;
  • venous pathology;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • wear a pacemaker;
  • stones in the prostate;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • Cancer.

It is forbidden to use transrectal devices for rectal inflammation, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, rectal cancer.

If after a physiotherapy session there is an exacerbation of symptoms, pain and itching appear, self-medication should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted.

Popular devices for home use

There are many home physiotherapy devices. It is easy to get confused with their large assortment, so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features and characteristics of the various devices before purchasing. It is best to consult your doctor, who will not only recommend a specific model, but also teach you how to use the device correctly.

vibrating massager for the treatment of prostatitis

The device for the treatment of prostatitis with vibration massage is one of the most popular devices for home physiotherapy. It works on the principle of transrectal vibratory massage. Indications for use:

  • congestive prostatitis;
  • early stage prostate adenoma;
  • erectile dysfunction.

The vibrating massager has a simultaneous mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic effect, therefore it can be safely called a universal device for the treatment of prostatitis.

The device works on the principle of an electromagnetic transmitter. It warms the prostate tissue due to the generated magnetic field and improves metabolic processes through electrical stimulation.

  • promotes the outflow of blood from the inflamed organ;
  • lymphatic drainage action;
  • dilates blood vessels;
  • restores tissue.

Using this device relieves pain, improves urination, and reduces swelling of prostate tissue. The device dilates the blood vessels, so it helps improve erection.

device against prostatitis in men

It is a magnetotherapy device designed for the treatment of joints and diseases of the genitourinary system. The device generates a magnetic field which improves blood circulation and metabolic processes. The device is equipped with a belt of four magnets, which should be placed on the affected area. In the treatment of prostatitis, magnets are applied to the lower back, perineum, lower abdomen and buttocks.

Before starting to treat prostatitis with a home physiotherapy machine, you should consult your doctor. Some types of physiotherapy can be used in conjunction with medication, and a specialist will help you choose an effective combination therapy.

Treatment of prostatitis with devices: the whole truth

ProstatitisIs a complex and complex andrological disease. For the most part, it is non-infectious. The essence of the pathological process is the development of degenerative-dystrophic processes in the prostate. Only in 10% of cases prostatitis is infectious and inflammatory. Despite this, antibiotics and physiotherapy are indicated for treatment. This is a classic treatment regimen that has proven successful in practice. However, followers of alternative medicine suggest using special devices for the treatment of prostatitis at home.

prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is an inflammatory-degenerative lesion of the prostate

Doctors and patients alike are justified in treating such propositions with a healthy dose of skepticism. Are there any effective home remedies to treat the condition?

Efficient devices

There are also proven devices that are worth buying. They are able to become good assistants in the treatment process. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before use. This:

Devices for the treatment of prostatitis at home and their cost

In case of inflammation of the prostate (VR), conservative treatment is prescribed immediately. It includes drugs, physiotherapy and traditional methods. Devices for the treatment of prostatitis occupy an important place in the set of measures. They are used not only in medical institutions, but also at home. Medical supply stores and pharmacies sell compact household devices for the treatment of male urological diseases. They can be used without going to clinics and large medical centers.

Principles of action on an inflamed prostate with device therapy

Appliance therapy is effective in chronic forms of prostatitis and pancreatic hyperplasia. All devices can be classified into 2 types depending on the point of application - they are used rectally or in the perineum.

prostate massage for treatment of prostatitis

The therapeutic effect is caused by physical phenomena:

  • electrical stimulation;
  • vibroacoustic effect;
  • Heat production;
  • empty;
  • optical radiation;
  • magnetic fields.

Transrectal devices affect the pancreas through the rectum. Massage with the help of special accessories is considered one of the most useful. Impact through the skin of the peritoneum or in the area between the testes and the anus is less effective, but it is technically easier to perform such treatment - no special knowledge or skill is required.

In the context of material processing, the following changes are noted:

  • urine flow and its control are normalized;
  • improves blood circulation in the pancreas and pelvic organs as a whole;
  • pain and discomfort decrease;
  • erection is stimulated and sexual functions in general are increased;
  • the release of pancreatic secretion is normalized, its stagnation decreases.
what problems does prostatitis cause

Devices for treatment in clinics

You can get high-quality and effective device therapy in public and private medical institutions. Procedures are provided on a paid basis or as part of the compulsory medical insurance policy. The most commonly used treatments are:

  • Electrophoresis- exposure to the prostate with low-frequency currents, which not only suppress inflammation, but also increase the effectiveness of drugs. One electrode of the device is inserted into the rectum and the other is applied to the pubic skin. These devices can also be purchased for home use.
  • UHF- a treatment option in which the affected area is exposed to a high frequency electromagnetic field using 2 electrical elements. With prostatitis, they are applied transversely on both sides of the body. The healing effect is also on other organs located next to the gland.uhf device for the treatment of prostatitis
  • Device, the therapeutic effect of which is due to the electromagnetic field directed to the affected area of the body. Equipped with a power regulator, which allows you to control the force of the impact and select the most efficient mode. It can only be used in clinics;
  • Devicefor ultrasound treatment. Exposure is carried out through the skin of the pubis or rectally using special sensors;
  • Devicewith multiple stimulation channels, as well as blue, red and infrared lasers. Impulse conduction takes place rectally or through the urethra. Particularly effective is treatment in combination with antibacterial drugs.

Device for the treatment of prostatitis: indications, contraindications, types of devices

Prostatitis is a disease that can find a man practically at any age. The problem is quite intimate, therefore, the patient often begins prostatitis in an acute or chronic form, or begins self-medication. However, this approach is fundamentally flawed. A visit to the doctor is mandatory, but accompanying devices, for example, devices for the treatment of prostatitis, are suitable for complex treatment and with the permission of the doctor.

normal and diseased prostate in men

When purchasing a device for home treatment, a patient often does not think that this device is not suitable for everyone.It is not a slot machine, so the recovery process with this machine should be treated as therapeutic therapy.

The device is suitable for the following categories of patients:

  • at the initial stage;
  • with a violation of blood flow in the small pelvis.

In all other cases, the device as a means of treatment has its place, but only in an integrated approach, then the therapy can be considered effective.


The material effect on one of the human systems without special knowledge can become destructive. Therefore, it should be applied after consulting a specialist or doctor, and also be sure to read the instructions for use. Remember that in the event of an independent decision to use the device, you are personally responsible for the consequences.

There are also contraindications to devices for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • any form of hemorrhoids;
  • damage in the operating area of the device;
  • oncology;
  • circulatory system disorders;
  • stones in the prostate;
  • worsening of the prostate or urinary system.
what a prostate injury looks like

Types of devices

Home appliances are divided into three groups -rectal, transurethral, non-invasive. There are 4 ways to influence the prostate:

  • magnetic pulse;
  • electrical impulse;
  • stimulation of vibrations;
  • ultrasonic.

Each device, regardless of the group, acts on the ducts, so the congestion dissipates, the secret comes out, and the edema disappears.

Vibratory stimulation

One of the popular household devices for the complex treatment of prostatitis is a vibration stimulation device. The device works transrectally. At home it is convenient because it is equipped with a timer and not only helps in the fight against prostatitis.

vibratory stimulation for prostatitis

The principle of operation is that the device emits heat, which activates local blood circulation in the prostate.

After normalization of blood circulation, secretory discharge is released, which leads to a decrease in congestion and inflammation. As a result, the urethra returns to normal, and cramps and pain of various types are eliminated.


The magnetotherapy device is considered the most effective device, since after the third use the patient feels significant improvements in his condition. The device works thanks to the magnetic field and vacuum. Under the influence of the device, the blood microcirculation in the small pelvis improves, and the prostate tissues are also massaged. Due to this, the stagnant secret gradually disappears, the inflammation decreases, the number of damaged cells and tissues decreases, and they are restored.

The device is good because you can easily use it yourself at home, and it also does not have categorical contraindications.

One of the vacuum action devices is a vacuum apparatus. This device works a little differently from the previous ones. Here the device is placed on the penis and it is exposed to a predetermined pressure - vacuum, as well as magnetic fields.

The action of the vacuum gives the following:

  • improvement of microcirculation of blood circulation in the gland;
  • tissue swelling is eliminated;
  • a stagnant secret goes away;
  • restoration of painless urination.
vacuum prostatitis treatment machine

The device can be used for its intended purpose at home, however, before use, you should select the intensity of use with a specialist.The main course of physiotherapy is 10 days, but if desired, you can increase it afterwards.

A prostate vibrating device works in three main directions.

  1. reduces hypoxia due to magnetic radiation, which stimulates metabolic processes in cells;
  2. a micromassage is performed, which improves the outflow of lymph, which gradually gives a normal blood supply to the organ;
  3. the secret goes and the gland returns to normal.

The device has contraindications for independent use at home:

  • neoplasms in the prostate and nearby organs;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • acute form of the disease;
  • the presence of stones in the prostate;
  • the patient's pacemaker.


Of course, the device can only be used for the purpose for which it is intended, however, there are other restrictions:

  • Incorrect use.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any of the devices during an exacerbation of prostatitis and in its acute form. In addition, it can not be used in acute forms of other diseases of the prostate.
  • It is forbidden to use the device for tuberculosis in any form.
  • It is forbidden to use for cancer of the pelvic organs: rectum, prostate.
  • It is unacceptable to use devices for inflammation of the rectum, lymph nodes, cracks, hemorrhoids.
  • Some devices cannot be used if the patient is wearing a pacemaker.
  • Do not use devices for diseases of the circulatory system.
  • The presence of stones in the prostate is also a significant limitation.
kidney stones are a contraindication for the treatment of prostatitis with devices

Limitations can not be ignored in any way, since use in the presence of contraindications can provoke other diseases, inflammation and even surgery.

Selection of instruments

Maybe you liked any device from the internet reviews or word of mouth. However, you cannot rush to the pharmacy and buy it with your eyes closed through the Internet. Be sure to consult your doctor before purchasing. Yes, the subject is quite intimate and delicate, but in case of reluctance and embarrassment, the men start their problem so that later no device can help them, and the problem is solved surgically.

The choice of the device should correspond to the individual characteristics of the given male body. Therefore, only a qualified specialist can select the device.

Results of using the device

All the devices selected have approximately the same spectrum of action.

  1. Improves blood circulation in the prostate and pelvic organs.
  2. Eliminates stagnant secretions and liquids accumulated due to their influence.
  3. Due to this, inflammatory processes disappear and tissue swelling is eliminated.
  4. Decreases swelling of the prostate tissue, as well as the urethra.
  5. Muscles are toned, and they are also stimulated for productive work.
  6. Urination returns to normal, as pain is eliminated and problems with urinary excretion are eliminated.
  7. Erection and ejaculation are restored, which brings man's sex life back to normal.
  8. The patient's psychological state also returns to normal.
no problems in bed after treatment for prostatitis

It should be remembered that you are responsible for using any of the devices without consulting a doctor. The consequences of an improperly selected device or improper functioning can lead to an exacerbation of the condition and an acceleration of the course of the disease.

Ask your healthcare professional which device is right for you and if there are any helpful tips on how best to use it.The devices can only be used in complex therapy. Without treatment, the desired drug-induced effect of using the device alone will not be.

In any case, you should not ignore the barely audible symptoms of prostatitis, because a chronic disease can be completely asymptomatic and can become a bad surprise for a man. At the first symptoms or signs of these, consult a specialist.

  1. pain during urination and bowel movements;
  2. increased urge to go to the bathroom, especially at night;
  3. weak stream;
  4. bladder not completely empty;
  5. erection and ejaculation problems;
  6. deterioration in the quality of sexual intercourse;
  7. irritability, fatigue, nervousness;
  8. decreased libido.

If you have one or more symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor and do not delay your consultation. Take care of yourself and your health!